Moving to Germany is a very exciting step in your live! In Germany you will find new surroundings, a lot of new faces and a new and strange language. To put it briefly: it can be a real culture shock! Before coming to the country you should get profound knowledge about Germany and the German way of live. We are happy to provide you with some insider information about our country.
After the United States of America, Germany is the most common nation for immigration in the world! That´s why it is one of the countries with the biggest diversity of traditions. If you will move here you will soon recognize that we have a very international environment in the cities. A lot of people speak English quite well and you will have no problems getting along with English at first.

Language – „Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache“!

German language, hard language!
Many people who move to Germany are afraid of learning and speaking German. Don´t be! Germans do really appreciate foreigners trying to speak a little German and are very willing to help you improving your language skills. And besides: it brakes the ice with locals super fast and will make your socializing in your new home country easier. So it is a good idea to learn at least some basic phrases in German before moving.
For some types of visa you will actually need to speak at least A1 level of German before receiving your residence permit from the German state! Please contact us to learn more about our language traininigs.

Social behavior in Germany

Germans appear very reserved in public, as they normally won´t start a conversation with people they don´t know. If they speak for example in public transportation they do it very quiet. A lot of people from other countries are confused by the fact that Germans don´t talk in the subway if they don´t know each other. But once you get to know them they are very warm and openhearted – don´t get confused if they will get too openhearted sometimes. Germans are often very open in communicating and get clearly to the point if they mean to say something.
When you get to know someone you will shake their hands for greeting and for leaving, if you would like to start a conversation you could just ask them what they are doing for leisure time or plans for the weekend, they will be happy to give you some tips.

Another very German way of live is punctuality, everything is expected to run exactly on time, whether it´s the subway, opening hours of shops or appointments. Make sure to anticipate accordingly to the time for business meetings and social engagements, especially the German authorities are very strict. If you now feel like you are desperately in need of a professional intercultural training get in touch with us, we arrange your training tailored to your personal needs!

First day at your new job – keep on smiling!

The first day at a new job is always a bit frightening, especially in a foreign country. Just stick to the rule: be friendly and they will be friendly, too. Most Germans tend to smile few. This is not because they don´t like you it´s just the way they are. Just try to smile at them anyway, they will smile back. The business communication style is generally straight forward, emotions or friendships don´t play a role in here. Don´t feel hurt if colleagues just tell you their opinions without any prior small talk, it´s nothing personal. Normally you will talk to each other by using the polite form of you: “Sie”.

Meet your new love: the bike!

Germans are crazy about their bikes. They go everywhere with it and so should you. Most of the cities have a great infrastructure which is usually built with cycling in mind, so bike lanes can be found almost everywhere. When you are new in a city and would like to get to know your new surroundings, cycling is the best way to do that. You can find used bike shops everywhere or just register for one of the bike-sharing services throughout the cities.

It´s not all about Wurst and Beer!

There will come a time when you will start craving your favorite foods from home. But don´t worry: first of all you can find a huge diversity of cuisines in Germany! Currently the whole country goes crazy for Home-made Burgers as well as vegan & vegetarian food and: original Neapolitan Pizza, Pizza, Pizza (anyway Germans love everything connected to Italy). You can find restaurants from all over the world in the big cities easily, plus there are specialty food shops and international supermarkets to get what you should be craving for. If you would like to try some original German food you should know that your options extend beyond sausages, potatoes and beer!

Watch your environment!

Germans think a great deal about their environment and recycling their waste. You could even say that they have a predilection for ordering the trash: they separate their glass bottles by color! Then there are bins for organic waste, paper, plastics, residual waste, old clothing and electronics are clearly separated from the rest. Every grocery store has machines where you can deposit used bottles and get change back (ranging from 8 to 15 cents). In some cities, people leave empty bottles on the street next to trash bins for the homeless people.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Image: ©Picography