Before your immigration to Germany from a Non EU Country you will need to check the conditions for visa or permit required for immigration. The permission to come and also stay in Germany depends on different factors like your nationality, if you only visit the country as a tourist, or if you are going to study or work in Germany.
In general, there are two forms of immigration permissions when you come here for work: the national visa (usually short term 3-6 months) and the residence permit (long term connected to the work contract).

Immigration with German national visa for Non-EU citizens

If you are a Non-EU citizen and you plan to work in Germany, first of all of course, you need a work contract with a German company. Then you need to apply for a German national visa. You will have to apply for this visa in your home country before you come to Germany. This visa will be changed into a permanent work and residence permit, depending on your work contract with a German company. A national visa allows you to enter Germany and start to work right away after you enter the country. You can apply for it in person at the German embassy or consulate in your home country.

As mentioned above, your national visa has to be changed into a work & residence permit or blue card after you have started working in Germany on the basis of the national visa. Getting an appointment at a German Foreigners Department can get quite difficult. So if you feel lost in the German authority jungle, please get in touch with us and we will assist you.

German work & residence permit

The type of resident permit you can apply for depends on different factors. Such as your reason for immigrating to Germany, your educational and professional qualifications as well as some general requirements like holding a valid passport and being financially able to support your stay in Germany with your future salary.
Generally there are different types of residence permits in Germany which our department for immigration will be happy to explain to you in depth.
The EU Blue Card usually is the residence permit that is mostly desired when immigrating to Germany. However it is important to know that not everybody is applicable for a Blue Card. The EU Blue Card is a residence permit with expanded conditions for highly qualified foreigners. There are different salary requirements for this title also depending on your studies and your future Job in Germany. So if you are planning to work in Germany in a highly-sought profession like as a doctor, mathematician or engineer, the Blue Card might be the right title permit for you. The EU Blue Card is connected to your work contract and usually is valid for four years. It also allows the spouse to live and work freely in Germany. If you are not sure whether you are applicable for a Blue Card or also need help in applying for your national visa in your departing country, our experts for immigration will be happy to assist you.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Image: ©AkhilKokani