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Corona Virus

The world has come to a halt and with it all global mobility. Travel bans and travel restrictions delay staff planning and prohibit job starts, expatriation and foreign assignments. Highly impacted are visa and immigration applications and job starts of Non-EU professionals and expatriates who are already on the Go to Germany. Visa cannot be issued, embassies, consulates all over the world are closed, appointments at foreigners departments or registration offices in Germany are cancelled.

If you and your new hires are in the middle of a relocation, visa or immigration process or are currently recruiting for highly qualified professionals or are planning onboarding of new employees in these difficult times, we would be happy to assist and answer all your open questions. We experience a high insecurity, no matter if we talk to our HR clients or to the assignees.

There are so many questions:

  • What impact does the Corona crisis have on the visa application of my new employee who still is in her/his departing country?
  • What action must be taken if my employee is already in Germany and her/his national visa expires during this time, when all federal offices are closed to the public?
  • The Blue card, work permit or residence permit of my employee expires, what do we have to do?
  • Can I get officially registered at my new address in Germany when all offices are closed to the public?
  • Does the new Skilled Immigration Act facilitate work permit applications also during the Corona crisis?
  • My family reunion process has been stopped, when will my family be able to join me in Germany?
  • Can I still start my homesearch and find a new apartment during the lock down?

And many more similar questions reach us every day…

To make it even more difficult, each city in Germany asks different actions to be taken to keep the status of your employees legal and the work and residence permit valid beyond expiration dates. Let us assist you in these difficult times, let us find the answers to all those questions for you. The entire atlas team will do everything possible to keep HR teams and employees updated and visa as well as immigration processes ongoing in the extend possible.

Please get in touch if you have questions or just call our expert team 040 – 80 60 025 00