It has been a wonderful experience working with the team at atlas relocation. The team helped us move from India to Hamburg seamlessly. The timeliness, assistance with documentations, follow-ups on our behalf, integration into the Hamburg life and culture as well as the initial setting up formalities were all handled impeccably by the team.
A big thank you to the whole atlas relocation consultant team for “truly” being there when we needed. I would certainly recommend their services to everyone looking for someone professional and friendly to manage their relocation services”.
Thanks to the atlas team.

— Krishna & Niharika I. (India)
IT Developer IT Industry

atlas relocation made our move to Germany really easy. The persons we encountered are extremely professional, accurate and very friendly. I warmly and highly recommend atlas relocation to everybody, moving to or from Germany, as well as when living there. First they helped us to look for housing, including first choice selection by them, according to our needs and wishes. When found, they helped us to go through the contract, adding and rewriting anything that was needed for us. In addition, they took care of all government agencies, handling all official paperwork, physically attending the agencies (Meldeamt), organizing child benefit etc. Finally they also helped and advised us regarding insurance, schools, as well as healthcare.
When we had to leave Hamburg quickly a few years later, they organized everything with the move, starting by shortlisting moving companies so we just had to pick one. They also physically attended and supervised, when the moving company packed everything. In addition they took care of all paperwork to sign out from schools, government agencies as well as canceling contracts with everything ranging from utility companies to the children’s sports clubs. All the best for your team.

— Johan & Karin L. (Sweden)
CEO US American FMCG Company

I am very satisfied with the relocation assistance provided by the atlas relocation team when moving to Berlin- they are really masters of their job. When you’re a newcomer in another country, nothing is clear or understandable – where should you go, what should you do? With the help of atlas relocation everything is going as smooth and fast as possible. This company is a key to successful relocation.

— Dimitry B. (Russia)
Senior Operations Engineer Game Industry

atlas relocation has made my first international move a very smooth & pleasant one.
With their professional and personal attitude they soon became my trusted partner before, during and even after my relocation.
Their timely and adequate service made me feel very confident and relax about the numerous things that needed to be arranged. A big thank you to the team!

— Marleen S. (Netherlands)
Retail Marketing Manager Europe US American FMCG Company

We’ve settled in nicely, thanks to your assistance, and the year has flown by.
I mentioned to many of my peers in the industry how much your service eased our transition. Despite the fact that we were moving from across the world, to a completely new country, the move was easier than some of my past transitions to other cities in the US.
We appreciate the help and the quality of service you provided. Everything was always taken care of, prepared in advance and ready for us to sign. Given all of the other factors (moving pets, finding an apartment, etc.), it was a great relief that you made your portion so easy for us.
I’ve talked to colleagues that made the move prior to having your service available, and our experiences couldn’t have been more different. I’m glad we had a chance to work with you.

— Shawn & Amanda L. (USA)
Senior Live Producer Game Industry

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